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Fish Farming

You want to start a fish pond? We can help you out with that. We work hard on how to produce quality and fast growing fish to avoid poor quality of the procured fingerlings and insufficient knowledge.


farm crops

Our major farms crops are Banana, Maize, Beans, Rice, Cocoa, Watermelon, Groundnut, Cassava, Yam, Kolanut, Soya bean, Cocoa and potatoes. We ensure that these crops product quality are delivered and realized by our customers.


Poultry Chicken and Eggs

 We provide live or dressed chicken meat. We also supply poultry quality eggs. Our farm produce are professionally collected, packed and transported in good condition 



Our livestock sale involves Cattle and Sheep and Goat livestock sales. We seek to provide goods and services that meet and exceed the desires of our customers. We have the best livestock to give you the quality you desire especially with continued growth of the industry.



In Nigeria and other West African countries, virtually every household cooks using palm oil. Our business model is design just to give you the best you can ever get. The architecture involves well stored, healthy and packaged module


Animal Feeds Production

We provide Livestock feed production. Some categories of our poultry feed are: Layer Mesh, Broiler Mesh, Chick/Starter Mesh and Grower Mesh. We also have our fish food designed to balance the nutrition needed by domesticated fishes.


Cash crop farming and exporting

Our company is also into cash crops production and exporting. Some of the crops we produce are Groundnut, Maize, Cassava, Yam, Kolanut, Soya bean and Cocoa which are also economic crops in Nigeria



We are also a product service company that offers services on the supply of fertilizers, related products and soil activator for all kinds of plants found in Nigeria.

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